Irr. USMC Marpat Woodland Poncho Liner Reversible

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Save a few bucks with these New Irregular overruns of Genuine USMC Marine Corps Marpat Woodland Camo Poncho Liners  "Woobie Blanket"

The irregular spec. is that they are missing one of the middle laces on one side, should have 8 laces only has 7 (See photos), not that big a deal, still a great super light weight all purpose, survival or camping blanket, ground cover, poncho liner, etc. Made in USA by government contractor.

**Reversible to coyote brown

US Mfg. and Contract # blacked out when offered for surplus

These are overruns made without zipper (Not the zipper side type)

Outer Shell: 100% Nylon    Batting: 100% Polyester  Two piece construction.

Approx. 91" x 63"

Many Uses:

  • Insulated Liner for Rain Poncho
  • Sleeping bag
  • Ground Cover
  • Blanket
  • Super light weight

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